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iron monkey: taking a sludgecore hammer to their sabbath albums with a dose of sick and evil sub-human throat annihilation

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Marksound's Iron Monkey. This is the real deal, the official site. Check this out, loads of cool shit. And always  up to date.



Sludgecore King. A pretty cool site featuring some of the best Sludgecore and Stoner Rock bands from around the globe.


Another Iron Monkey Fansite, well worth checking out.




Earache Records. The record label Iron Monkey are on.



And another, The OnLine Monastery's Iron Monkey site. Some cool stuff, so have a look.


Bunt Magazine Online. A quality read for all sorts. Very cool indeed, so don be a bunt!


Loud! Online. Brilliant Australian online magazine. Featuring the best of Australia and the world. Updated daily too.



Dropweight are a local Sydney band well worth checking out if you're into really groovy stoner rock type music.



Thumlock, another band for all those into stoner rock. Sounding very reminiscent of Fu Manchu and Hawkwind.




The official Pod People website, for Australia's Stoner Death Rock band.



High Beam Music, excellent label with lots of stoner rock from around the globe.



The complete Marksound website, full of all things stoner and loads of other cool stuff.



Man's Ruin. Loads of music, art and a whole heap of other things. Also the label for a couple of Iron Monkey releases.



Digital Death. Great metal site, with all sorts of stuff. So have a look. Support metal of all kinds.



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If you have your own website, you might want to check this out.



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